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Andrew Chandler

I'm a product designer 
in New York City


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Launching a Platform

A new collaboration platform for increased efficiency failed to gain traction. Then research and a new onboarding experience led to a 400% increase in adoption.

Releasing a New Product

A collection of custom presentation slide creation features were created and packaged as an internal product. User satisfaction increased by 20%.

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Redesigning a Website

A new company website replaced an outdated and underperforming version, including commerce flows. The project — from research to launch — was delivered in 3 months.

Creating a learning ecosystem

An online course product was made available to more customers via complex integrations with multiple Learning Management tools, creating an ecosystem. The market expanded by 50%.

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About Me

My approach

Good user experience is first and foremost about people and relationships: users and their relationship to the people in the company, the people in the company working together to create the best experience for the user. I focus on the people to get the best experience, one that achieves user goals and business targets.

My process

"To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time." — Leonard Bernstein


Over the years I have taken inspiration from this quote: excellent work — even the best work — happens in less-than-ideal circumstances. Making sure you have the right information (research), the best ideas (ideation), and the best execution (prototyping, validation, and development) is always a challenge, but with ingenuity and thoughtful planning, all of this can be accomplished no matter the circumstances, ensuring good outcomes.

I have worked on projects and led teams at...

McKinsey & Company

Senior Product Design Manager


User Experience Director

McGraw-Hill Education

User Experience Manager

Carnegie Hall

Director of Interactive Services

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I can help with...

Design Leadership

Design Thinking



User Research

Design Vision

Design Sprints



Usability Testing

Product Strategy

Lean UX



...and more

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