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Releasing a New Product

The company placed a premium on effective communication, both with clients and internally, and a polished PowerPoint presentation was the standard. Consequently, the ability to create quality slides efficiently was critical, and there was a need to streamline PowerPoint flows using customized features. It was decided to create a new product: the company PowerPoint.

Releasing a product 2.png

Tackling a challenge

The project turned out to be gigantic balancing act. There were two main stakeholder groups, each with different and sometimes competing needs. Then there were users at different stages of the learning curve. All of this had to be managed in an environment where users didn't have time to spare learning new features and didn't pay much attention to our announcement channels (even those inside our product).

Fortunately, we had analytics and could supplement those with our own qualitative research, and understanding our users better helped chart the way.

My Role

UX Lead


Product Manager

4 Engineers

Project Manager

Product Support Lead

Partner Teams

Client Communications Team

Business Presentation Team

Microsoft Office Team


12 months


Launch of product

For more details

For more details on this project, I am happy to arrange a presentation. Please contact me (details below) and we can set something up.

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