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Launching a Platform

The company envisioned a digital collaboration platform as a key component to a digital transformation, a complex undertaking in an enterprise context. The vision was for the platform to support a series of products that were customized for specific types of collaboration, which needed to be defined.

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Tackling a challenge

The project was large enough to involve many teams and stakeholders, with overlapping domains and competing priorities. Not only would my research and design skills come into play, but communication and stakeholder management would prove to be just as important.

The team prioritized the collaboration needs and started by tackling the most important one. We set up the basic platform, and I led the design and testing of the first product. Very quickly we were iterating based on feedback and grappling with larger challenges related to the transformation and behavior change.

My Role

UX Lead


User Researcher

2 Product Managers

3 Engineers

Learning Lead

Marketing Lead

Support Lead

Partner Teams

Platform Team

Portal Team

Legacy Platform Team


24 months


Launch of new platform

For more details

For more details on this project, I am happy to arrange a presentation. Please contact me (details below) and we can set something up.

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